Gw2 Builds Mesmer Raid builds are generally not designed for open world content, as you dont need defensive utilities or traits when you have a dedicated healer. Started as the first Support Guardian and now "in charge" of all of Support. Farming the Mad King's Labyrinth. Skill 2 - Signet of Domination - A core Mesmer signet skill that passively increases condition damage. Build:Team - 2 Hero Jagged Bombers. Mesmer skills also cost less energy (often just 5 energy) while Ele spells cost much more. Are you planning a trip to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights? If so, you’re in for a treat. Chronomancer is an elite specialization for the mesmer unlocked with the Heart of Thorns expansion. Putting a workbench together is easier than it sounds. Power Shatter Chronomancer. Cons - Relies on resource management Forced movement Lacks burst damage. It's also actually around ~860 …. Like, Comment, Subscribe ️Read MoreCheck out the build here:https://guildjen. Its more chilles playstyle and has way more sustain. Planning an Antarctica Small Ship Cruise: What to Pack and Expect. You can absolute delete glassy targets if you time your burst well, but power Mirage cannot 1vX - it just doesn't have the required sustain nor the reliable burst …. They have well done animations. New Mesmer needing advice on gear and build. - adds stealth to the build and has a nice passive. Top 5] GW2 Best Builds for Tanks. bluescreen2315 • overcapped on crit • 2 yr. It really depends on what you want to do. Get disenchanted and two utils you like. Guild Wars 2">Regarding the Upcoming Mirage Alac Changes. Learn about what traits and skills to run, and how best to use them. Show all ratings (1 more) Get MetaBattle Premium. As mesmer it has access to a potentially game-breaking elite: Signet of Humility. The build provides permanent 25 Might, Fury and Alacrity to yourself and nearby allies, while dealing good Torment, Bleeding, and Confusion damage. Low intensity variant is a build variant that doesn’t focus on shattering and offers a very simple playstyle while still being very effective. Any Gamemode; PvP; Group PvE NA Guild Lord, Team 99% Cofounder, Guild Wars 2 enthusiast. Using this build you will be able to solo many open world events and challenging hero points while providing amazing group support by using staff. Can also be used with Minions if desired. These extremely elusive duelists can enter Mirage Cloak to become intangible and dodge incoming attacks without rolling, to then execute ambush attacks on their unsuspecting enemies. Diviner worth it (Chrono?). It makes learning the rotation on a golem unintuitive, and worse, it makes it difficult for people to adjust their rotation in real content. WvW Condi Chrono Clone Spam Build. Crafting is an amazing method to quickly gain levels. The Power Chronomancer is the strongest (and only) build for Mesmer in fractals. News, Builds, Videos, Achievements and Guides for Guild Wars 2 - Helping the community to find the fun! For faster updates, join our community on Discord and feel free to ask and share anything. Theoretically, crafting is the fastest way to level in Guild Wars 2 as it is possible to easily reach to level 80 with crafting alone, which tells you just how potent this method is. And when it comes to accommodations, the city offers a wide range of options from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels. Build:Spellbreaker - Support Spellbreaker (GvG). Despite having one of the highest benchmarks in the game, this build is not that great in fractals due to long ramp-up times which make it strong for PuGs and a suboptimal pick for faster groups. Build:Mirage - Alacrity Support Condi DPS. Mirage on the other hand is capable of maintaining constant evades, but is a little. This page was last edited on 9 April 2022, at 11:09. Available for F2P players as well and is seen as rather beginner-friendly (especially as far as Mesmer goes). A reminder from Snowcrows guide: First Steps. Scrapper also offers good damage and CC, and its easy access to Superspeed and Stealth makes it an excellent all-round option. Staff - Great for distance, and having a body shield against range pop shots [sB/DE], Staff 4 is great for rapid firing shots or strikes; every pew pew is a boon on you, and a condi on them. All memes aside, it's the worst class to level. Have you ever thought about how much each one must have cost to build? Or out of all the lavish buildings in the world, which ones ar. The full rotation is pretty involved but you're durable, powerful, and lay down a lot of valuable boons for your team. Solo signet reaper build for open world, designed to go into shroud and STAY THERE. Dueling and Domination are both stronger than Illusions, unless you are playing alone, where Dueling and Illusions are stronger than Domination. My Mesmer was the worst off, but still has some hero points saved up so he’s not hopeless. By Ayin Maiden, This is the build that focuses on creating confusion and order. Mesmer has access to eight insta-cast heals thanks to Restorative Mantras, plus Seize the Moment (StM) for 5-man quickness. Sword/Pistol thief is probably the closest thing to a straight up swashbuckler, though. Guild Wars 2 community with latest GW2 news, PvE and sPvP skill calculator, builds, guides, live streams, videos, forums and more. Here it's quite straightforward. GW2 raider with 9000+h experience, yet still a noob. Mesmer - Core Shatter Roamer The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good Focused on: Direct damage Designed for: WvW Roaming Difficulty: Normal …. Warrior is a melee-focused profession that loves hitting enemies hard with a. The purpose of this guide is to provide advice and builds for farming in the. Condition Alacrity Mirage Build. Minion Master Necromancers have been a mainstay for the game in various game modes, but they have always found their place in PvE. Features both Melee and Caster variants which …. This category contains all builds which are focused on Boon Removal. Detailed guides for all Raids, Fractals and Strike Missions. Alternatively, you can just get the Prototype Position Rewinder and forget. Considering that we are all in Cata nerf waiting room and ranked is unplayable at the moment, let's take a look back at the most spectacular balance failures in the history of GW2. Solid in both organized play and solo queue, especially with it's teamfighting potential. Stx gave this build 5 stars • April 2022. Have you ever dreamed of witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights? This natural phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a magical display of colorful lights dancing across the night sky. Versatile builds for all the game modes, and specific-mode optimized builds as well. Mesmer in general is pretty strong at open world due to the illusion mechanic constantly pumping out secondary tanks. But you can consider other options. Only hardcore mesmer mains should consider the investment of this gear set for this uncommon build. If we compare what each weapon can do we have:Main Hand:Scepter: lolSword: 1s evade and an immob. The main weapon of choice is the Greatsword, with a Scepter and Focus as a secondary set for situations that warrant ranged combat. Psychic Riposte, which is your main way to build up blades. Following build is designed to guide you through your first playthrough, or simply offer you a decent and reliable Core build if you are on Free to Play account. Why this build is bad: Well it's a power Mesmer build with some down grades. This is a list with the most popular meta builds for PvP as well as some fun or off-meta builds. Theoretically, it now takes even less boon duration than before to maintain 100% alacrity, you just need to keep your clones up while doing it. Cons - High learning curve Fast paced rotation Easy to cancel skills. Maybe it's just my playstyle, but I've found Mesmer to be much harder solo, and Scourge was decent, but Reaper was better (imo). Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for experiencing the Northern Lights. Adjust skill order as necessary in the first loop. It is the part of the building that is above ground level, and it usually serves the purpose of the building’s intended use. Now as your third trait-line you can run Chaos, Chronomancer (HoT elite), Mirage (PoF elite), Virtuoso (EoD elite). The boss-killer build is a variation of that that focuses on phantasms. While some data is publicly available, user-based data such as WvW achievements, the account's current world, or WvW level can only be read with an API key. Basic advice for leveling a character that includes information and options which can make leveling more efficient. Low-Intensity meaning easy to play/low effort/less buttons or rotations, disability friendly. While you can run anything you want in open world and generally succeed, these builds will provide the most value to allow you to complete any of the open world content available in Guild Wars 2 such as: Map Completion; Story and dynamic events; Hero Points and Champions; Meta-Events; And the most challenging bounties and Legendary bosses. Sword/Sword is your go to weapon, as you want to self get 25 might with this build, and sword 5 phantasm gives 8 might. Rhubarbpie gave this build 4 stars • October 2022. An example of constructive criticism is: “I noticed that we have had some trouble communicating lately. Cons - High learning curve High mastery curve Fast paced rotation Play at your best in fractals, strikes, raids, and dungeons using Snow Crow's resources for Guild Wars 2. Mesmers pride themselves on their ability to inspire, and work hard to engender trust in those who might be suspicious of their illusions, even if they have to use deceptions to …. While Fractals are only 5 player content, Strike Missions and Raids often overlap because their 10 player comps are just doubling a 5 player comp. Enjoy an ad-free experience & support the website, for less than $1 per month! This page was last edited on 4 February 2022, at 16:18. Soulbeast is simply the best DPS class for fractals, with both …. The Mesmer is a Great profession to play but sometimes can leave new players a bit confused. The Aegis Heal Chronomancer is a support mesmer build with high survivability through blocks and invulnerability, and has …. If you have questions about this build just ask. Both burst skills and Full Counter cost adrenaline. Guild Wars 2: Guide To Playing A Mesmer In PvP. A high-sustain core condition Mesmer build for PvP, made to win duels. Click here to view current builds. BUT… you’d have to do some PoF map stuff first because you need the hero points which count as 10 each in those zones. Build: 145,091; Update - May 2, 2023 [] Items []. Mesmer: * Okay zerg support/DPS: Gravity Well, pulls, Portal. Binding these to something that. Get Started with Free Building Software Now. Current Mesmer builds? : r/Guildwars2. mesmer has some really good wvw utility but it's not really a coherent build--it's a skill here and there that have strong effects but it doesn't have a complete and well-defined role compared to like scourge, old scrapper/fb/druid etc. It is naturally tanky, with good access to Protection and some Stability. Very good damage, even if you use berserker gear, it has decent sustain, especially for aoe cleaning trash mobs. Chrono has great CC and is good for grouping up enemies, plus the shield is awesome for strong stuns and a long block. While staff-staff mirage remains the best mesmer open world build, condi virtuoso can have a higher damage output when nearby players are providing you boons (since this build lacks self-boon generation). For basic PVE: Mesmer has a lot of active defenses that you can use to make up for defensive stats; Distortion on Signets from Domi, Sword 2 and the like, plus F4 shatter as a panic button. This category contains all builds which are focused on Low intensity. WvW Zerg build for Scrapper in GW2 that focuses on Healing, Condition Cleanse and Boon Support. Loading - phantasm that Taunts, but it has a really long cooldown and bad damage…. Condition Quickness Chronomancer has a beginner friendly rotation but the real test is properly taking advantage of Confusion. Pages in category "Boon removal builds" The following 26 pages are in this category, out of 26 total. This attack breaks enemy targeting, and your illusions change focus to the targeted foe. Mesmer Builds Pros + High damage Play at your best in fractals, strikes, raids, and dungeons using Snow Crow's resources for Guild Wars 2. Brawler(+10% damage when using Resolution) for Power Guardian builds until someone finds something better. If you CC the phantasm when it spawns, it won’t perform its attack, or you can just dodge the backstab. A PvP Virtuoso power shatter build which combines Virtuoso's inherent sustain with Inspiration and its signets into a GS build that's more durable than its other Mesmer counterparts. Deadly and Kawaii :3Like, Comment, Subscribe ️Check out the build here:https://guildjen. Build:Team - 1 Hero Margonite Gemstone Farm. Once you get your character to max level, this is when gearing really becomes relevant. Guild Wars 2: Best Support Classes and Builds (2023). Various setups exist with this build that combine Grieving and 24px Sinsiter with Viper. This is a list with the most viable and accessible builds for PvE Endgame. Explore the meta and compare your favourite classes with our benchmarks. Looking for a Sword/Pistol class/build for solo PvE : r/Guildwars2. Mesmer Builds Pros + Plenty of CC Provides party boons Plenty of utility. Permanent or high uptime on the three key boons for an alacrity support, and capable of dealing great damage against bosses that attack frequently. This minion minions! Soulreaping/spite/ blood or death magic traits. Chrono is the mesmer support spec, mesmer doesn't have a power spec because chrono is shield, and mirage is axe. The key of the build is the blade generation being the source of the healing, all the skills and traits that originally …. Because there are no defensive support builds for Mesmer, Inspiration in PvE is rarely played, only Open World builds can benefit when swapping to it to defeat particularly strong enemies, traits like 322 are very good for that, Sympathetic Visage and. This automatically read data is used in combination with manual user input to provide unique features. It features some of the best tagging potential in the game thanks to Loading and brings mesmer's strong utility skills such as Loading and Loading. The hardest classes to play are Revenant, Mesmer, and Thief because they rely and a little bit of a mobility and sustain on your build. Build:Chronomancer - Boon Support Condi DPS. September 2023 Alexander Leitsch 28 Kommentare Lesezeichen. Power Catalyst is a mid-ranged Elementalist build that focuses on high burst damage and extremely high damage to bosses while potentially providing a large amounts of Might, Fury, Protection and Resolution to itself and the group. Mesmer has both some of the best dueling/roaming builds while having Chronomancer one of the best WvW Zerg Elites. Stonehenge was built in four stages and although archaeologists do not know for certain how long it took to build, it is assumed that it took about 1,500 years to complete. The Support Chronomancer is the playmaker of a squad, which is often why commanders will run this build. This category contains all builds which are focused on Condition Damage. Deadeye is the best Guild Wars 2 thief build for open-world pve. Core tyria ones only count as 1 each. Find the weapon that fits your playstyle and go from there. The saxophone is undoubtedly one of the most iconic instruments in smooth jazz. oder dem Mesmer den Guild Wars 2: Alle Guides, Einsteiger-Tipps und Builds in der. Mesmer Builds Pros + Plenty of CC Play at your best in fractals, strikes, raids, and dungeons using Snow Crow's resources for Guild Wars 2. Also ArenaNet Partner for some reason. Necromancer - Minion Master Necro. The first step to building your credit is getting credit. These builds have all pulled lots of weight for me in different ways. Power Mirage is a WvW roaming mesmer build that utilizes dodges, mobility, and invulnerability to avoid damage while being a glass cannon. By comparison the pZirt build above has way better defense with multi-Distortion (multiple times this has saved me when most of the zerg gets rolled), Aegis and Block. It's a cele build so that says it all. so what they did is nerf the staff/axe alacrity build. * When I sold my bags the price was 5. Guild Wars 2 offers its players nine Basic professions to choose from, and then further two elite professions available for each basic one at a level 80 (one of them requires the Path of Fire expansion pack, and the second comes with the Heart of Thorns expansion pack). This is an up to date Guild Wars 2 guide showing you the best build to use to level your Mesmer from level 1 to level 80. Yes, go sword/sword, Greatsword can be an alternative for group event, otherwise use focus for the extra boost in both mobility and kill speed. Mesmers then shatter their illusions in the blink of an eye to annihilate their dumbfounded enemies. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the land of fire and ice? Look no further than the mesmerizing country of Iceland. But I really enjoy Mesmer Greatsword, and that build is a fun place to start from. What Is the Superstructure of a Building?. Best Necromancer Builds in Guild Wars 2 (2023). Mesmer build: go duel and die a thousand times on Mesmer. Ascended is the top end gear, but you don't need that right off the bat and can work towards that if you want to do fractals/raids. Looking for a Mesmer build advice. Published May 23, 2021 Updated Dec 8, 2022. Identifying Builds In PvP. Guild Wars 2 Builds">Power GS Signet Virtuoso. WvW Roaming builds for Guild Wars 2. Guardian builds for Guild Wars 2. Cast , and off Cooldown, while prioritising weapon skills. This is an outstanding build: flexible, sustainable and capable of inflicting fearsome damage on one's foes. It's basically a Chornophantasma build using a greatsword and staff for lots of phantasms and shatter. Power Ambush Mirage Roaming Build. This Virtuoso build uses bleeds, dagger, and utility skills to stock blades extremely fast to send out as many bladesongs as possible which generate more blades. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique experiences, Iceland has become a top destin. Any zerg build for mesmer. The Power Shatter Chronomancer is a Roaming mesmer build with boon rip and CC to burst its targets with massive combos. in your burst rotation when that's on cooldown. Please do not edit this page for adding new builds! See here for advice on creating new builds. Mesmer levelling build : r/Guildwars2. Mesmer doesn't have a proper ally healing weapon like a lot of the other specs do. Now I'm not talking about efficacy or whether or no. Wow, changing to Catalyst, your spec selection, and Celestial gear made me enjoy open …. Recommended Effective Beginner Legacy | Profession is Warrior. Unfortunately "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" – it takes a lot of time and work to keep everything up-to-date and there are of course monthly fees for the dedicated server hosting. Open World Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvE Exploration, Story, Events, Meta, Fun. Additionally, certain types of skills, called combo finishers, have extra effects when used inside a combo field. Alternatively, you can just get the Prototype Position Rewinder and forget about portals …. Top 5] Guild Wars 2 Best Revenant Builds For PvP and PvE. Revenant builds database for PvE, WvW, PvP and Open World, for every All builds Elementalist Engineer Guardian Mesmer Necromancer Ranger Revenant Thief Warrior Invert. Guild Wars 2 BEST Class – How to. Domination and dueling are for offense. Mind you, PvE Sword/Pistol is really busted, you have two skills that make you invulnerable on zero cooldown, and. Illusion has a bit of everything but is also more offense oriented. Power Mechanist is a very simple and straight forward build. Hello, my gf and I started gw2 like 2 months ago. Power Chronomancer is a powerful solo build with great boon uptime and damage. Booster Mirage Build (Open World). This way, every time you swap gives you another dodge. This build contributes a lot of DPS via Confusion and Torment. Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Healer Builds For Effective Healing. Category:Low intensity builds. For the trait it is crucial that a Condition Virtuoso has 100% Critical Chance. Bladesworn trades its second weapon set for a Gunsaber that combines ranged explosions with melee slashes. Provides permanent Alacrity and high uptimes of Fury and Might. MadTavish gave this build 4 stars • July 2022. Lord Hizen - Biggest BUFF Update To Open World Build's (Feb 2022 Balance Patch) I like the video. I solved this problem a while ago. After the opener will not be off Cooldown. You can open with Headbutt to build adrenaline but can also be used defensively with the Defy …. Build Gameplay Guide Mesmer Builds Pros + High damage Fluid rotation Easy to learn Strong bursts Plenty of utility. This build centers itself around maintaining several buffs in order to skyrocket its damage. You can summon phantasms, sig of either and repeat if you want more damage. Shattered Concentration combined with crowd control thanks to. Chaotic Interruption Shatter Mirage. The mesmer leveling build is [Tomes of Knowledge]. By swapping between four elemental magics, fire, water, air, and earth, an Elementalist can provide power and condition damage, as well as healing and boon support. Knowing important skills to interrupt like a heal. That means that on death of your very …. This build focuses on giving as much quickness as possible to your entire raid (80-90% uptime), but therefore drops personal dmg. , without being a nightmare to play (except in, like, one or two. This build can inflict massive AoE Burning bursts with. You are not locked into this rotation, while it is optimal for DPS, change the order based on your needs: Loading - healing and cleanse. Mesmers can have different illusions attacking. Alac Mirage is a build that require more skill to use the dodges effectively to avoid boss mechanics while keeping up Alacrity. Additionally, this build can sacrifice some of its damage to provide its party with permanent Quickness from or permanent Alacrity from by making. A decent power mesmer build, however Mirage mantle over Desert distortion is simply puzzling. A wide variety of recommended/meta, great and viable builds and guides for all classes in Guild Wars 2. It has a lot of block and can pretty much break the bar of anything solo. Untamed is a bruiser-style build that takes advantage of ranged damage combined with a melee oneshot and good area pressure. Free to Play / Core builds for Guild Wars 2. Since nobody seems to have mentioned it: Double staff celestial mirage is one of the strongest solo PvE builds out there. Everything for playing Guild Wars 2 World vs. CoF deals much less damage than MW does, but it's better than nothing especially for finishing low HP enemies. Another route might be to add a rune set that increases slow and benefits off from it, +25 precision. Mesmer has no heal build, but decent Quick/Alac and great DPS. Virtuoso, What am I missing? : r/Guildwars2. Builds that focus on healing other players or the player himself. If we use the build I said at the begining we do 24 ambuses with all our clones, cause we don't. de betrieben und dort meist täglich über GW2 berichtet. Even on those 2 bosses, this build should only be played in skilled and confident groups that want to maximise their damage. It lacks super hard hitting skills, and requires a ton of precision compared to other classes to smack things hard enough. Try out all the different weapons, get to know your class. As with all mesmer builds, it has access to plentiful utility should it be required, such as , , or. Engi has a lot of options in skills and roles. A power Holosmith build for open world. It’s 250 points to fully unlock all the skills in an elite spec so that’s 25 hero points basically. While staff gives more defensive stats and greatsword more damage + aoe damage the difference is really in your game style. The Staff Alacrity Mirage is a mesmer build that can survive with high evasion and distortion uptime while also providing alacrity , might, and fury to allies. Upon creation, clones focus only on their targeted foe, persisting until the clone's target is defeated or …. Continuum Split offers incredible combo potential to get the most out of. In general, Engineer with Mechanist spec will be the best. Virtuoso is exactly what some of us needed for Mesmer. Mentoring Streamers, teaching the Game and helping Players overcome their Anxiety. Any Gamemode; PvP; Founding member of Mystic Builds [SALT] (RIP) & Hardstuck [Hs]. With an uptime boon and uptime condition damage, it also can reduce the market target damage up to 86%. Introduction to the Elementalist. Maybe condi mirage still has it's place in roaming, but only because of Trailblazer/Dire stats and Chaos spec, the real carries. Ascended Gear – The Complete Guide. I’d be happy with:Utility 1: XUtility 2: YUtility 3: ZUtility 4: UWeapon Set 1: AWeapon Set 2: BValuable traits i should focus on. The Chrono build itself is not really magical. Most mesmer utility skills focus on utility instead of damage. its Simply making Sceptar better then every other weapon in the game in mesmers aresnal realistically. A power-based farm build for mirage meant specifically for farming in open world. See the ones that gathered dust, were orphaned by their original writers, or became obsolete by balance patches. Raid Builds, Strike Mission, and Fractal Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvE Endgame. Creating your first character Guide. Sword, Focus, Greatsword, Spear - Usually used for Power Builds which use the Stats Power (dmg) Precision (crit rate) Ferocity ( crit dmg ) That is cuz these weapons provide mostly Offensive Skills which Scale with. The equipment above is designed to be played with no modifications from the exotic gear obtained by the level 80 booster. Reply [deleted] • Additional comment actions. If you like this and want to see more, visit my channel!https://www. How to build a mesmer for pve. For open world, every mesmer running sword should take persistence of memory over shatter storm! The logic behind that is super simple. Condition Virtuoso Build (Group PvE). Support Chronomancer Zerg Build. It is an excellent option in farm zergs due to its high burst and good sustained DPS but may be on the squishy side for solo play. Keep in mind the goal of GW2 best builds ranking is to provide a solid build that allows you to play the class that you like to do open-world content with ease. This category contains builds only available in the End of Dragons expansion. That being said, before entering raids I would recommend taking any build (including meta setups) to the dps golem to see how they perform. Guild Wars 2 Condition Mirage – Easy PvE Build GuideShoutout to Ryan, Umbra, REM and Mastro who helped me improve this guide noticeably :)Mastro's current St. also your phantasmal swordsmen will gain 8 might stacks. There is a mesmer quickness heal build, utilizing restorative mantra that grant 1. Light: Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer; And finally, each profession can use different weapon types and has different weapon skills associated with each type. Mesmer is very unique profession, being master of illusions and deception they will try to disorient an enemy with their clones while dealing massive damage both from afar and at close. Nevertheless, it is often better for a healer to tank. The build can play permanently from 1200 range, although being in melee range will increase your damage. The player base develops consensus about certain builds for reason. Guild Wars 2: A Beginner's Guide To The Classes. Even in other encounters, it’s still a strong build that offers constant DPS during longer phases. It gave mesmers access to axes and made the class much more mobile. On D/P once again 1-3 is where the damage comes from. I stream Guild Wars 2 mostly every weekday at 8:30am EST (gmt-4). The confusion/bleed build is probably top tier. There are two variants of this build. The amount needed will depend on the encounter and you and your squad's performance and skill. Cons - Relies on resource management Forced movement Lacks burst Play at your best in fractals, strikes, raids, and dungeons using Snow Crow's resources for Guild Wars 2. I'm just surprised you consider Mirage and Scourge to be. Having a pond in your backyard can be a great way to add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor space. Gear your classes Mesmer Builds Our collection of Guild Wars 2 builds is available to help out all types of players and raiders, from those just getting started, through to experienced veterans. An illusion is a type of creature summoned by a mesmer that serves to draw aggro or do damage. All builds Elementalist Engineer Guardian Mesmer Necromancer Ranger Revenant Thief Warrior Invert. LI Willbender REVIEW NEEDED - SUBMIT …. Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 Raids. It has great CC from Gravity Well and the Shield 5, so in …. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Guild Wars 2: How To Build A Damage. One of the strongest builds to come out of this patch, really solid combination of damage + CC with plenty of sustain and mobility to complete the kit. Further, the limited underwater weapon options mean that some classes have no good. Ranger builds for Guild Wars 2. There are a number of sources to look out for when earning experience through the "standard" methods, including: Map Completion - Exploring the world and discovering new areas is the primary way to level early on. Elementalist as compared to Guardian and Mesmer. Mesmer opens up a ton with elite specializations, though - it's a totally different beast with mirage, virtuoso, and chronomancer unlocked. Vallun on youtube has a very good mirage mesmer build which i use and main Cant link now but you can search for 'mesmer one build for gw2', its a greatsword build with sword/pistol, with a lot of clone generation, some decent selfheal, and a lot of tagging potential. Azethys gave this build 4 stars • May 2022. This combo is important for both damage and sustain, playing a key role in achieving a high uptime of Vigor, Regeneration and Might. Build:Deadeye - Power DPS Rifle.