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Poseidon RedwoodHaven't seen a Poseidon in stock anywhere near me, but have. More recently, the California-based Poseidon launched their $900 (now $950) aluminum Redwood gravel bike, adding another interesting option into the mix. The Poseidon Dropbar Poseidon X, Poseidon Redwood, and Poseidon FLATBAR X are all aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. The main advantage of the Poseidon (other than cost) is the fact that it can fit stupid wide tires for ridiculous amounts of float on soft surfaces and traction in general off-road I have a friend with a redwood frame that she built up herself, she runs a 27. 99 and the Redwood starts at $779. The state is 1x11 and the Poseidon 1x10. 20 reviews of Poseidon Bike "Here's an honest review: I bought a frameset from Poseidon recently for a custom build, and it was shipped to me quickly. The Giant Revolt 2 and Poseidon Redwood are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with mechanical disc brakes. Overall the Redwood is perfect for 75% of my riding which usually involves 5-10 miles of pavement to get to the gravel/fire roads or a quick after work shred on the local singletrack. 5" Russian rubber lift spacers all around with and extra. Poseidon was kind enough to send me this bi. Trek FX3 vs Poseidon Redwood vs Salsa Journeyer Deore. The aluminium frame I have no concern with, majority of mountain bikes and gravel. Drop Bars what!!!Welcome back for another bike review! This time we take a look at the 2022 Poseidon Redwood (Drop bar) addition. A lighter bike will give you some extra advantage when climbing. I just ordered a Poseidon Redwood size small from Poseidon an American company who does their international shipping via bikeflights. Click on the photo below to be taken to the Cycling About resou. 2021 Poseidon Flatbar Shadow Redwood. Original price listing online is $900 + shipping, asking for $800. Pushing the limits of the trail capabilities of the Poseidon Redwood on some rocky single track. Im still figuring out how every aspect of bikes work. 35 Clincher tires + inner tubes (MSRP $70 Value). Wanting to upgrade my wheelset, need help with which is the best affordable hubs with high points of engagement that doesn’t break the bank. Would also be a much nicer ride. My family went in together for my 30th and I ended up with an upgrade!. Small- 90mm, Medium- 100mm, Large, XL and XXL- 110mm. When you got cabin fever it doesn't matter how cold it is sometimes. Trying to keep the BB and select a crankset that works with it is putting the cart before the horse. An amp'd up geometry made to eat up gravel with enough tire to absorb the vibrations of a rutted-rocky trail. Poseidon Bike 700c Wheelset:https://www. NBD! Poseidon Redwood : r/gravelcycling. A steel bike will absorb some of …. It is priced at $450 USD and comes in a range of sizes, including XXS, XS, SM, MD, LG, XL. Hi, I’m hoping there are some Poseidon X owners willing to give me some advice on here. Join me as I install the PNW Components Pine 27. As for the bikes themselves, the Poseidon …. I’m looking to get a gravel bike for my girlfriend, she’s about 5’-5’1. Either one, you'll want to get a saddle and pedals that a good fit for you. Poseidon Redwood! Which is right for you?. It is priced at $949 USD and comes in a range of sizes, including XS, SM, MD, LG, XL. Neptune is the ancient Roman god of the sea, and Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea. Went with the X over the Redwood, because I have a mtb for single track and Redwood is overkill for gravel roads I’ll be riding. “Our bikes are manufactured in a factory that we own. It's a 2020 Poseidon Redwood (medium) and is only 2 months old; however, the left crank arm fell off during a ride one day and looks like the threads are stripped on the arm and the spindle. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. Poseidon Flatbar Shadow Redwood 2021. Also, read up on warranty experiences on social media. Most gravel tires are not slick, so most of what comes stock is not even in the same ballpark of a wide slick. Hello! Looking to buy either bike. For those that like their bikes on the rocks. I’m a firm believer that you can have fun without braking your bank; I mean you don need to spend 6K on a bike alone when you can spend +1K on a bike and the rest 5 having fun all around, but if you ask me and if I could I’d be exchange …. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks. If you enjoy doing your own mainten. 99 while the State 4130 All Road starts at $899. An aluminum frame gravel frameset. Medium aluminum frame, WTB Resolute tires with less than 100 miles (tubeless setup), RaceFace Chester pedals, Fabric Scoop Elite saddle, MucOff valves, two bottle cages, front and rear …. Yay NBD : r/gravelcycling. The Poseidon Dropbar Poseidon X and Poseidon Redwood are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. Advent X is fine but if you’re going to do that why spend $1250 on a top stone when you can spend $750 on a Poseidon X $850 on a State 4130 all road or $900 on a Poseidon redwood. Once I do the wheels I'll likely also switch to a better mtb groupset. This is for the person looking for a bike that is equally as capable on the road as it is on the trail. The FLATBAR X has a carbon fork, 700c wheels, and higher gearing; the Redwood has an aluminum fork and 650b aluminum wheels; and the Ogre has a steel frame, steel fork, and 27. The Poseidon FLATBAR X, Poseidon Redwood, and Surly Ogre are all gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. I've got the Redwood love it for off-road use, but I've been considering the Triton as a dedicated skinny tire road bike/trainer. Redwood Estates Redwood coffee table. Try to compare some of the geometry numbers to a bike you're familiar with. Some other differences on the State 4130 and the Poseidon Redwood worth noting: - State has better cranks and bottom bracket. However, a heavier bike can gain speed when you descend. Example: Dropbar X size large has a 31. See sales history and home details for 210 Poseidon Ln, Redwood City, CA 94065, a 3 bed, 3 bath, 1,520 Sq. I'm looking at the Poseidon Redwood for $900 , but the short HT and low stack is holding me back for what size I would need. My next upgrades are probably a 700c wheel set and a …. But I believe the state can fit 650x2. The reasons why I sold my Poseidon Bikes. I have a Poseidon Redwood and absolutely love the versatility. I plan on riding the wheels until they brake, and probably going with hunts as well. The Redwood has an aluminum fork, 650b wheels, and better components; while the Triton has higher gearing. 3 days gravel week-end in Hérault, south of France. I wanted narrower tires and 29's. The Poseidon Redwood falls somewhere in the middle. Water is an essential element for life, and throughout history, people have worshiped gods to ensure its abundance and protection. In the weight department the State weighed about 28lb and the Poseidon about a pound less… both bikes look pretty dang good… it makes it really hard to say one bike is categorically better than the other because they’re both actually pretty. Hoping people read a few of the replies and order their bones as OP seems to be a very unreasonable person. Has anyone snagged a Poseidon Redwood yet? I'm super interested in how this bike performs at that $899 price point. I would also consider the poseidon redwood since that is a very similar bike as well and I would rather have the advent drivetrain rather than the sensah one. I’ve basically just been using my redwood to ride in the snow around the neighborhood. Redwood has a slightly better drivetrain with wider gearing to climb like a mountain goat. In this video we take the Poseidon X gravel bike and give it it’s first major upgrade. *this video is brought to you by Bicycles East. It was awesome on a recent bikepacking trip that was a 50/50 mix of pavement and dirt. Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic island and kill the most ferocious animals in history. rohnert pk / cotati "2024" KEYSTONE COUGAR 2700BH, BUNK BEDS. Hi all! I haven’t owned a bike since I was a kid and I’d love to own one again. Poseidon Redwood Test Climb. The Rent Zestimate for this home is $5,299/mo, which has increased by …. Once you are past this 30-day window, it can no longer be accepted for a return. Compare: 2021 Poseidon FLATBAR X vs Redwood vs 2019 Surly …. Does anyone have recommendations? I’m looking for good lights…. It is comparable to the 2021 State Bicycle Co 4130 All-Road, Breezer RADAR Expert, 2021 Poseidon Redwood and maybe the 2021 Cannondale Topstone 4. This is a medium Poseidon redwood gravel bike with some upgrades. Consider a Canyon Roadlite, hard to beat their complete groupsets for under 1k. 6 MTB tires and with something smooth like a Rene Herse antelope hill still plenty fast on the road and stupid comfortable. Currently training for the Chino Grinder in AZ. 5” Wheels 12x100 Thru axle front & 12x142 Thru axle rear The Redwood is 700c compatible with some riders being able to fit up to a 29x2. Medium aluminum frame, WTB Resolute tires with less than 100 miles (tubeless setup), RaceFace Chester pedals, Fabric Scoop Elite saddle, RockBros top tube bag, Serfas Ark expandable half frame bag, MucOff valves, two bottle cages, front and rear lights, cellphone holder. A bike that was designed to tackle terrain meant for hardtail mountain bikes. 6 for these bikes, but I have found that the seatpost on my bike is actually 31. single family home built in 1998 that was last sold on 09/02/2005. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • Additional comment actions. Gravel bikes can be made of aluminum, carbon, or steel. 5″ Gravel – Poseidon Redwood ($899) Amongst 27. September 23, 2020 Moe Ramirez 10 Comments. The newly crowned largest plant in the world is the Poseidon’s ribbon weed, an Australian seagrass which covers approximately 77 square miles in one single plant. 12mm Thru-Axle 32h Tubeless Compatible Rims Laced to Sealed Cartridge Hubs. We asked a few good friends of ours to take out the Poseidon-X and test it out on an overnight bikepacking trip. The mechanical brakes would have been the first thing I would have upgraded to hydraulics. 6061 Double Butted Hydroformed Aluminum. 5mm; Attachment for the derailleur to the hanger- 5mm. Real bikes not plastic ones · Best in Class? · True Fabrication custom 29er singlespeed · JAVA Corsa CR-MO Cyclocross Road Bike 700C Racing Bicycle With 3-Speed . Poseidon redwood sizing and dealing with Poseidon. I have a Poseidon Redwood, State All-Road 4130, and a Cannondale Topstone 105. Great if you'll be mainly off pavement. An entry-level gravel bike will give you solid components, easy handling, and a great way to Continue Reading. My State bike came with 700c x 38, which I swapped out to 700c x 43, and I don't think I will need the other set of wheels. The Poseidon FLATBAR X and Poseidon Redwood are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. Matte green with pink and black trim. Bikepacking Bags/Bontainers – Constraints & Specs. 8 Diameter, 46cm Wide, 24 Degree Flare. single family home built in 1998 that was last sold on 05/28/2021. San Jose Sweet! Haro Gravel Bike / Bike Packing Bike / Monster Cross Bike. Other (see description), Poseidon Redwood gravel, monstercross bike. 2″ it’s still a very capable adventure gravel bike. the latest Surly Grappler, for instance, the large Redwood has a stack of just 577. Thinking of state all road but not so sure. Note, that the Poseidon is currently being offered via Kickstarter for a limited period where the Zeus is mainly silver accented with a redwood vinyl wrap. The Poseidon has the better set of components, much better brakes to start with. We are happy to be recognized for something like this and look forward to continuing our pursuit of quality bikes at an affordable price. I have a Kickr Snap that my road bike is on with a spare wheel and trainer tire. Poseidon Redwood (dropbar) is my "do it all" bike from long gear heavy adventure rides, exploring, and even MTB trails. In this video we take a look at the 2022 Poseidon X gravel bike. But, you lose quite a bit of top speed, On the triton you will. For those curious, here’s the current build list: Poseidon Redwood Dropbar. Get the Redwood if you ride mostly on non-pavement (gravel, trails, etc). I am still new to customizing, toy photography, and photoshop, so all feedback is welcome and appreciated. The Poseidon FLATBAR X and Poseidon Flatbar Redwood are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. My new Poseidon Redwood! Can’t wait to see where this fitness journey takes me! #lifeisgood #pa. Watch this video to get the correct measurement. Then I did the tires, went with gravelkings 43s and it's way better. RRP: US$949 (about £771)Suspension: Rigid: Frame: Aluminum: Fork: Aluminum: Poseidon Alloy Tubeless Compatible 27. The main reason I sold the X was because the Poseidon Redwood came out and that bike looked bad ass and it looked like it could tackle the dirt with more confidence. The 2022 Poseidon Dropbar Redwood is an Gravel aluminium mountain bike. The Workspace in the Redwoods. Poseidon Bike, Breaking the Barrier to Discovery and Adventure!. Personally huge tire clearance is where the value comes. I think I ruptured both inner tubes unfortunately. 63" frame to floor measurement so I need to have an inseam to the floor longer than 31. Absolutely nothing wrong with bike. Wondering if y’all would recommend changing to a longer stem to help alleviate this issue?. Ok thanks that is helpful, maybe I’ll size up to large too. We are happy to be recognized for something View all Shop Accessories Essentials The gear you need to fuel the ride and add that personal touch. Max tire size can range based on the tread of the tire. The Sora model is the better value if you can swing it. Whether you are on trails most gravel bikes would shudder at or taking in newfound sights on your next bikepacking trip the Redwood is ready. All Bikes – Poseidon Bike">All Bikes – Poseidon Bike. The bike is great! If your riding mostly on pavement you’ll max the gears out at least that’s what I feel but any hills and your killing your road bike friends. Ridden around on gravel only a few times. The gravel bike with the largest tire clearance goes to the Poseidon Redwood with room for up to 2. DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES. The redwood also has 650b wheels, and really wide rims - making those extra heavy. Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores. Poseidon Alloy Tubeless Compatible 27. Posted by u/IAMHOLLYWOOD_23 - 122 votes and 40 comments. The Poseidon Dropbar Redwood and Poseidon Dropbar X are both aluminum frame gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. The Supersonic might take a little more effort pump, but is lower to the ground (easier to push) and slightly heavier. Worked out well as my partner also was in need of a new analog bike and we are close enough in height we can share bikes with our slight seat adjustment. Obviously, the Poseidon is a little better spec’d, but I still prefer the State. Or, if you want even more capability off road the Poseidon redwood will fit 27. Bike can handle up to a 700×40 tire with clearance for mud. • ⁠The Topstone has a 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" steerer tube/headset/fork vs the older, more conventional 1-1/8" to 1-1/8" interface on the Poseidon. novato Fisher Price Baby high chair seat. FAQs – Poseidon Bike">FAQs – Poseidon Bike. Call or text for more information or photos! 2023 Poseidon Redwood dropbar gravel bike - $585 (Savannah). The state 4130 all road is a great bike at a great price, plenty fast with smooth tires and will fit 27. The Poseidon X goes more towards casual gravel while the Redwood is more adventure cyclocross. com/athletes/49769067Thanks for watching, links to things I ta. Specialized diverge E5 base vs Poseidon Redwood?. The X Ambition is built for more. My biggest qualm with the Poseidon X is the quick release axles and maximum tire width really limits how far you can upgrade. Enjoy!Bike: 2021 Poseidon Redwood-SRAM Rival shifter/brake levers-TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes-Hunt 4 Season Gra. 5 bike size large or gravel bike. There are multiple options available depending on what you need. I've been running different wheelsets with a Niner RLT 9 so I can swap between 700x28mm road, 700x40mm all-around, or 650bx2. Redwood – Poseidon Bike">The Redwood – Poseidon Bike. I enjoyed riding the Poseidon Redwood the most but at the end it was not a bike that suited my needs. The all new 2022 Poseidon Redwood requires a bit more than your average build-from-a-box. I ride mostly concrete trails but they can be quite hilly and bumpy with occasional gravel and the bike feels really well matched for the road. My Redwood Poseidon Build : r/gravelcycling. The 25 BEST Gravel Bikes For 2021. The Roubaix comes with a threaded bottom bracket instead of a pressfit one, this will make bottom bracket replacements easier, and I guess reduces the chance of it creaking. This is an extra bike that I never seem to use, love for someone in the community to find use in it. We believe there's more to cycling than placing onto a podium. Poseidon Redwood, Gravel Bike. Bottle Cage Boss: 3 on the size Small, 4 on sizes M, L, and XL. Just picked up a Poseidon redwood. Poseidon X if having a “cool looking” frame is important to you. 63" to safely stand over that model otherwise I need to size down. Shop All Mountain Bike Road Bikes. I’m gonna be making my Redwood purchase this week and I’m ecstatic. I'm not looking for crazy high end specs and this would come in just under 1k. I picked up the X over the redwood cause I just couldn’t see myself using that as my everything bike. Conditions like this id consider a 430gm Speedking Racesport 2. The Rambler SL uses Wilde’s TLC steel tube set in its construction, with the frame sporting three-pack mounts on the top. Poseidon Adventure Bars with full black bar tape. The Redwood in XXS has a 27” stand over. 5 tires for bike packing I just dont want to have to deal with returning the bike. 2 continental crust King tires on it for Offroad and it is perfectly capable on all of my local blue and Green mountains bike trails. 5″ / 29″ aluminum wheels; the FLATBAR X has a carbon fork, 700c wheels, and higher gearing; and the Redwood has an aluminum fork and 650b …. I always rode size 56 in Cube now I have size 54 (medium) in Canyon and is OK. A Groupset will never change anything to do with ride quality and since you mentioned that a different bike has “fat ass 650 x 54” tires I get the feeling that maybe you should be running wider tires on the redwood it can easily clear 27. Mon-Fri: 6AM-6PM PST Sat-Sun: 7AM-1PM PST (541) 705-2453 support@bikeflights. With comfortable adventure-focused …. came out with the 4130 All-Road, a drop-bar steel gravel bike that marked a massive departure from their line of single-speed city bikes. The reviewer praises its comfort, handling, and performance, but also notes some drawbacks and drawbacks. I’m looking at getting a new drive train, cranks, bottom bracket, and brakes. I know it isn't as fancy as some, but considering I have only been on Mountain Bikes for the last 30 years I…. (without pedals) SPECIFICATIONS (AS TESTED) • Frame: 6061 …. Poseidon Redwood // SHRED Gravel on a BUDGET!. Best Gravel Bike? #mtb #mtblife #road #gravel #shimano #poseidon IMO this is the best gravel bike bang per buck #adventxHere is a. Poseidon X Gravel Bike Upgrade Build Part 1, Compression. I am happy to report that the bike was sold to a young lady who is really enjoying this. Only ridden a few of times, no crashes. Anyone know of good mudguards for the Poseidon Redwood? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Find your ideal bike using bike-on-bike geometry comparisons with diagrams, powerful search tools, and category analysis. Related Topics Cycling Gravel cycling Cardio Sports Amateur sport Outdoors Cycling Fitness Outdoors and Nature Fitness and Nutrition comments sorted by Best Top New. However, they are more comfortable than road bikes on longer rides. It also has pretty poor tire clearance for a gravel bike, they addressed that by offering the redwood, but haven't managed to keep that as cheap and the redwood also has weirdly aggressive geometry. 35" Kenda Kadre Brake Levers: Dropbar Microshift Advent …. Currently set up for tubeless and 27. The item must be returned in the original packaging (unopened and unridden). It doesn’t have tubeless compatible wheels. 8k members in the xbiking community. I'm around 5'11" and wear a 32 inseam. First road bike! : r/bicycling. Poseidon Shadow Redwood 2021. Poseidon married Amphitrite, who was a Nereid, according to Greek mythology. (Poseidon Water, Huntington Beach) MAY 12, 2022 CORRESPONDENCE Received between April 29, 2022 and May 6, 2022. Very good budget gravel bike (less than $1000)😁 People were complaining about the weight but it doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t race, the main purpose I’m cycling is workout and burn extra fat. I have tons of fun on my mountain bike trails but I have always ridden rigid mountain bikes anyway. It's about as far from a Kilo TT as you could possibly get . We increased braking power by adding the same brakes as the Redwood and co. Specialized Sirrus, Trek FX, Cannondale Quick, Marin Fairfax or Presidio and many others. The 2021 Poseidon REDWOOD Adventure Fork is an Gravel mountain bike. We took the geometry of our Poseidon X and amped it up so you can eat up gravel with enough tire to absorb the vibrations of a rutted-rocky trail. Poseidon Shadow Redwood has Mechanical Disc brakes installed. Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company. NBD Poseidon Redwood - Just rode the trails home from the bike shop. We service over 400 San Mateo and Santa Clara County pools and spas. Poseidon X or State 4130 All. I'm excited to build my new Poseidon Redwood Dropbar Gravel Bike. 650b compatible with up to a 1. Weight (1/3) – Approximately 12. I live in a suburban area, so much of my initial riding will be on paved surfaces and mild unpaved trails. Compare: 2023 Poseidon Dropbar Redwood vs Dropbar X vs …. The X might have SLIGHTLY better for the amount of road vs actual trail riding I do but the fact that it's called the Redwood(I live next to the Santa Cruz Mountains where coast redwoods are abundant and have a redwood tree tattoo even), the color, the exorbitant …. I can tell you that both bikes were good budget bikes but both were heavy AF. Poseidon Redwood XL Drop Bar Hybrid Bicycle - 750. Mark the hole location in the center of the frame. Racks & Bags – Poseidon Bike. Need opinions on this and anything else to decide. On one hand I am living really close to Poseidon HQ, and I think something like the Redwood would be fun to ride around the Fullerton Loop and similar trails. In short, before purchasing your ideal bike do some research about its components, and also check for reviews online. This 650B gravel grinder has been labeled the "mountain bikers gravel bike'' for its stability, comfort. You just want to get out there lol. 35" tires, with room to swallow 2. I’m looking to swap the stock tires as well. Repairs and installations of major pool equipment; heaters, pumps and filters. My GoPro said 47 for my top speed. Panaracer besides having different sizes. com/products/redwoodPlease Support and Follow Me. The Roubaix has a proprietary D-shaped seat post, the Canyon can take standard 27. These guys were bikepacking for hundreds of miles and had setup camp at our local c. Gravel bikes have an average weight of 8. Minimum tire recommendation 650b x 42, Max tire recommendation 27. Ended up going Redwood due to availability at the time. With comfortable adventure-focused geometry and more than ample tire clearance and mounting options, allowing you to go even further with all your camping gear. Poseidon Bike">Installation Videos – Poseidon Bike. 210 Poseidon Ln, Redwood City, CA, 94065-8476. We are happy to be recognized for something. I’m having a hard time googling everything. Poseidon Shadow Redwood has a gear range of 1 × 10, a cassette with 11T – 48T, and a front chainring of 38T. I am 5’11” and I went with the recommended size after talking with luis at Poseidon. Poseidon Flatbar Green Redwood 2021. (Hacienda Heights) brand new, never used, customized poseidon 'redwood' for sale. The frame has rack and fender mounts as well as multiple bottle mounts inside the main triangle and under the downtube (three on small, four on M-XXL). Poseidon Redwood : r/gravelbike. Poseidon Redwood frame (XS) Ritchey Venturemax bars (46cm) 90mm -12 degree stem Golden saddle cyclery top cap RIP KS 100mm lever dropper seatpost Stealth Pro saddle 132mm (now a brooks c17) Origin 8 155mm cranks SRAM Rival shifters w GX derailleur BiBike 11-52 cassette (now a NX 11-50 cassette) Bontrager Aeolus Carbon wheels int …. It has a cable less dropper post, upgraded seat, rear light, also a Tubeless tire set up with panaracer gravel Kings 650b x54. See the estimate, review home details, and search for homes nearby. Specs, reviews & prices for the 2021 Poseidon Shadow Redwood. 0 because of the electrical motor, but I also really like the diverge models as well. 0m members in the bicycling community. My buddy has a Poseidon X and where the X is definitely more about climbing (10 speed, 36 tooth crankset vs my 42 tooth crank 11 speed), bikepacking, and a bit more comfort, the All Road is a purpose built speed demon. A lot of the time tires are worth upgrading. This summer, Poseidon bikes, a small consumer-direct company in California, released the Redwood. In this video I discuss the process of DIY replacing the disc rotor and pads from the rear wheel of my Poseidon Redwood. It can be ridden as a gravel bike or rigid mountain bike. Riding again will take some getting used to but so far no complaints. It contains 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 9,527 likes · 225 talking about this · 36 were here. The 2023 Poseidon Flatbar Redwood comes in sizes XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, XXS. Build details:* Frame/fork: Poseidon Redwood size XS* Bottom Bracket: Shimano BB-MT800* Crankset: Race Face Aeffect R | Wolf Tooth 34t chainring* Drivetrain:. Poseidon X or STATE 4130? HELP! : r/whichbike. Moreover, don’t ride on the sidewalk. The 6061 is much more road oriented than the 4130. comPatreon (Make the Warehouse Dream a Reality):https:. The Redwood comes with higher-end brakes IIRC. 5″ tyre clearance, a 1X10 groupset, modern frame features and lots of bikepacking mounts. I’ve been looking at the Vado sl 4. The Poseidon Redwood! While it may not look like your sterot It's time to welcome a new member to the bike stable and this time it's the sickest gravel bike!. Geometry Details: Poseidon Bike Redwood 2021 Like most sites, this site uses cookies to make it work. I also want to run a left side crank power meter. The poseidon redwood is a ridiculous value. ) Marin DSX Marin Muirwoods Poseidon X or Marin Kentfield CS2 (solid backup choices if budget was crunched at the last minute) Honorable mention to the Priority L-Train (Disk-brake version). The Kijote Adventure Bike has a steel frame, steel fork, and higher gearing; the Redwood has an aluminum fork, 650b aluminum wheels, and better components; and the Checkpoint ALR 4 has a carbon fork. Shop all Components The upgrades to improve efficiency and comfort. I'm 5'10 and went with a small. With assemblyshipping and accessories Ive got a little over1100 in bike. 2022 Poseidon Bike Redwood Drop Bar. The Poseidon Redwood in size large has a stack that is between 30 and 40 mm shorter than almost all gravel bikes, and more than 20mm shorter than present day performance oriented road bikes. Poseidon X Ambition Dropbar “The light frame and full carbon fork offer a quicker more nimble ride feel great for someone who is after a bit more speed. Shortly after I bought the Poseidon X gravel bike, …. My last bike, a 2017 trek superfly 5 was stolen out of my apartment and I was heartbroken. Related Topics Cycling Gravel cycling Cardio Sports Amateur sport Outdoors Cycling Fitness Outdoors and Nature Fitness and Nutrition comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Nice morning cruise with my tall friend. Poseidon Redwood DropBar vs Salsa Journeyer Advent vs Salsa …. Bike can handle up to a 700x40 tire with clearance for mud. I wouldn't mind having a few more tools tho. The Dropbar Redwood has an aluminum fork and 650b aluminum wheels, while the Dropbar X has a carbon fork, 700c aluminum wheels, and higher gearing. Oracle Access Manager Operation Error. I'm looking to stay below $1000 and like what Poseidon has to offer (knowing there may be some upgrades needed). Looking at some online bikes, it seems like the Poseidon Redwood is "too good to be true". The geometry of the all road is more of a touring type, is not a very agile bike but it's very stable, especially at higher speeds or on descents. If you can try to ride the Maren first because it is a fairly upright position compared to most other gravel bikes it has a more stack and less rich than most. Where To Buy Poseidon Poseidon Redwood Loading more Specifications Frameset Frame 6061 Double Butted Hydroformed Aluminum Fork. The Poseidon Redwood is a 10-speed bike with a Prowheel 38t chainring and 11-48t cassette. The Redwood’s fork is aluminum. Poseidon Redwood gravel bike. The riding speed of the Dropbar Redwood is slower, reaching only 28mph, whereas the Dropbar X can reach 30mph. The Poseidon X is better suited to the riding she will use it for (road, moderate gravel, smooth, easy single track) and is quite a bit lighter, but it doesn't go small enough. Does anyone have any experience or endorsements? Side note, the trek is listed as a fitness bike on 99 spokes, but besides the wheels the component set is extremely similar to the others which are listed as gravel bikes. The best way to find your size is to go for a test ride. 35” tires, with room to swallow 2. RedGobboRebel • Additional comment actions. Not a racer by any means so low end is more important to me for climbs and as well is practicality as. We're Breaking the Barrier to Discovery and Adventure so you can experience. According to the Poseidon website a size medium is good up to 5'11". Poseidon Flat Bar Redwood Gravel Bike: The Perfect Bike for ">Poseidon Flat Bar Redwood Gravel Bike: The Perfect Bike for. Poseidon overall uses cheaper components. Cannondale Topstone vs Poseidon Redwood. All Terrain Bike : r/bikecommuting. The Giant Revolt 2, Marin Nicasio, and Poseidon Redwood are all gravel bikes with mechanical disc brakes. But there is the name recognition of the specialized and I can get one locally. Here is my review of the Canadian Brand. 220 Poseidon Ln, Redwood City, CA 94065. The Poseidon Flatbar Redwood is built with a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to handle and maneuver in tight spaces. 529 MERCURY LANE, BREA CA 92821. The Dropbar Poseidon X has a carbon fork, 700c wheels, and higher gearing; while the Redwood has an aluminum fork and aluminum 650b aluminum wheels. Finally mounted and rode a pair of 29 x. house located at 205 POSEIDON Ln, Redwood Shores, CA 94065 sold for $985,000 on Oct 13, 2006. IMHO it's more of a comparison between the Poseidon Redwood and the All-Road. The black/orange colorway is …. 2021 Poseidon Redwood Flatbar - Like New w/Upgrades. 2M subscribers in the MechanicalKeyboards community. Advent X and those tektro discs are far from bad though, so I wouldn't say it's a horrible mistake. The FLATBAR X has a carbon fork, 700c aluminum wheels, and higher gearing; while the Flatbar Redwood has an aluminum fork and 650b aluminum wheels. I understand the component differences; and hence the price gap. Poseidon Dropbar X vs Giant Revolt 2 : r/gravelcycling. Not to mention other parts like the Poseidon Adventure Bars with 24 Degree Flare, for off-road comfort in the drops. Cassette: Microshift 11-48T Advent X 10 Speed. After measuring your height, use the size chart below to find the typical Poseidon Flatbar Shadow Redwood size for your height. Unboxing and setting up Poseidon's new budget 700c gravel wheels. The Marin body position and handling is close to a road bike noticeably more than most gravel bikes. When Poseidon released this model in 2021, its price was 949 USD. This is a ridiculously good value bike at just $899, and it has a more generous 2. disc brakes, cables routed through frame. Poseidon Redwood is a good value budget option. I gravitate towards the Apollo for. Design Drop Bar, Rigid, non-suspension corrected. For new, check out the Poseidon Redwood, State All Road, Marin DRX and Gestalt. Ce vélo est conçu pour un usage mixte. That should be sufficient but if I need more breaking power after that I. Ryan and I went out for a gravel adventure on the New River Trail in Peoria, AZ. Small- 90mm, Medium- 100mm, Large ,XL and XXL- 110mm. My interest was immediately piqued in a company that I hadn't really heard much about before. You deserve a company willing to be part of your riding journey. The Surly Ogre, Poseidon FLATBAR X, and Poseidon Redwood are all gravel bikes with upper mid-range components and mechanical disc brakes. At $199 for the Poseidon, there's enough left over to put some nice tyres on there. 2021 Poseidon Redwood Flatbar. Gearing Quality (3/3) – Microshift Advent X 1×10 …. The 2022 Poseidon REDWOOD Frameset comes in sizes XXS, XS, SM, MD, LG, XL. Sizes available: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL. However, it is not as tough, nor. The Nicasio has a steel frame, steel fork, and higher gearing; the Redwood has an aluminum fork, 650b aluminum wheels, and better components; and the Checkpoint ALR 4 has a carbon fork. 3-Delta Cycle Stem Pro Extender Handlebar Riser 397gr / 14. I could probably go a bit further but I've been a bit more greedy lately with usage (around 80-90 miles). The Aventon Kijote Adventure Bike, Poseidon Redwood, and Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 are all gravel bikes. 4 interest-free installments, or from $18. Compare: 2022 Polygon BEND R2 vs Poseidon Dropbar Redwood …. The limiting factor on tire size for 700c is the fork crown. I taped up mine and had no problems and it was my first time. The Poseidon Redwood has to be one of the best value-for-money adventure gravel bikes you can possibly buy. The Poseidon Redwood and Marin Nicasio are both gravel bikes with mechanical disc brakes. The state with slicks will feel like road bike than the Poseidon so if you plan the two wheel set strategy the state seems better suited. The Jamis RENEGADE EXPLOIT, Poseidon FLATBAR X, and Poseidon Redwood are all gravel bikes. 5" Wheels, 12x100 Thru axle front & 12x142 Thru axle rear. Presenting my custom blue squadron Duros rebel pilot! I found the cola bottle and was inspired to create an advertisement. Among the many Greek gods, Poseidon is one of the most importa. Long Term Poseidon Redwood Review. When I opened the box, I noticed some damage and contacted the Poseidon directly. Incredibly powerful e-bikes, with top notch anti-theft…. If you plan to use it for commuting you are going to want slick or semi-slick tires. Which all made the list for the best value gravel bikes.